Carefully transform stress, crisis and conflict. I work with businesses, families, personal wealth. Transformational games, author method "Influence Matrix"
Психолог, Медиатор, Конфликтолог
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Personal consultant on dispute resolution and conflict resolution, lawyer, coach, psychologist, professional negotiator and certified mediator in Russia and England. For the past few years, I have mostly lived in London. In 2014 she graduated from the full-time department of the law faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, specialized in the Department of Business Law on Comparative Law. Later she received her education in English (University of law, University of Westminster) and American universities (Yale, Harvard), developing her qualifications as a conflictologist and dispute resolution expert. Internationally Certified Trainer and Therapist in Body Neuro-Reprogramming.
Ksenia Voytovich
Accompanying divorce proceedings, bringing families out of the crisis.
Psychological support in personal growth. Building strategies and successful life scenarios.
Work with installations according to special patented techniques.
Personal growth and success
In what I might be useful?
Treatment of panic attacks and anxiety.
Help in overcoming loneliness, living separation and addiction.
Family issues
Child-parent relationship. Adjustment of the family system.
Burnout and loss of energy
Finding and reviving motivation.
Work with emotional healings and body theraphy, disclosure and adjustment of sexuality.
Overcoming fears and panic
Assistance in business formation and expansion.
Support in immigration processes.
Analysis of the mission of a person and his purpose, assistance in self-determination
Increasing wealth, expanding financial thinking.
Attitudes and beliefs
Getting rid of loneliness
Money and weath
Mission and life goals
Business support

Personal Consultation

"Where there is agreement, there is victory! I am sure that by creating, we create ourselves"
For those who wants to find answers
To Book a time please write to Whatsapp +447956861280
Basic principles of my work
  • 1
    You can trust me in words or sign a non-disclosure document in the prescribed form.
  • 2
    Caring for you
    I always try to choose a convenient time and take clients on request as quickly as possible. I also organize a safe therapeutic space in which changes occur. This is the scientific method that I know.
  • 3
    Establishing trust
    Not only do you choose me, but I also choose you. For me, the qualitative result of communication is important, which is achieved only between two people. This is an interaction on both sides. You can unsubscribe at any time, just like me.
  • 4
    You come at your request and we solve your request. If you want to help someone - I give permission to pass my contact or a link to the website.
  • 5
    Job remuneration
    I don't work for free, even for friends. Payment for the session is transferred in advance to avoid funny situations. I accept different currencies. Write to me and we will solve everything.
  • 6
    This is one of my most important values in work and life.
  • 7
    Techniques and modalities at work
    I studied more than 80 modalities and chose 7 for myself. The choice of technique depends on your request and how you respond to it. My task is to adapt the best of the existing options to meet your request. This is what my job is.
  • 8
    Compliance with therapeutic boundaries.
Kenia, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. At your session, I felt how much love sits in me, and how I hold it back, with you it was indicative for the first time, and how much I hold back tears and emotions that I suppress in myself. Now I understand the nature of psychosomatics on the face. You helped me a lot to see the root of the problem, I will definitely follow your recommendations ...
Valerya L.
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