Ksenia Voytovich

anti-STRESS treatment

by Internationally Certified Practioner&Facilitator
A professional psychologist, certified UK Mediator and anti-Stress* Practitioner and Facilitator.
I would like to offer you - anti-Stress emotional and mental release Body treatment. You might book it at the studio located in the Center of London (Pimlico) or at home: 1 hour treatment on head via special points and patented techniques.

Following my family talent working by hands, I love heal emotions through a body and Body therapy are powerful for that.

There are points on head that, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations. It is a fantastic treatment for recovery and anti-stress effect, much deeper relaxation than just a massage. Reprogramming life.

Book the full session (45 min) or extended session (75 min).

Please feel free to send me a message.

Price List
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to receive a price for home-base treatment
  • £ 130
    45 min classical Anti-Stress Body Treatment in London Pimlico Clinic
  • £ 220
    45 min advanced Full Body Emotional Trauma Release OR face lift Treatment in London Pimlico Clinic
  • £ 260
    50 min the first Psychological consultation with me (offline or online), the continue therapy - £ 160 each
Why focus on Body Theraphy?
Our emotions are based in body. The Body Treatment re-programming your mind statements, release emotional barriers and provide a deep relaxation for a body.
Our Body was made to be touched. It is a quick and effective method to be out of stress and feel calm.
You will see the results after the first session and forgot about anti-stress pills.
Are you emotionally overwhelmed?

Do you lie awake at night with your brain on overload?

Difficult to asleep?

Are You stressed or depressed?

suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?
Do you have problems with relationships or money?

You lie on a massage table or sit in a zero gravity chair (for a pregnant women). There is no need to remove any clothing. Only the head, hands are gently touched. It's nice to have a blanket on hand, as sometimes your body temperature may change. Session- time 45 to 90 minutes.

Ksenia Voytovich

The surveys were collected from 480 individuals who self-reported stress, anxiety or depression. The individuals completed a self-evaluation survey before and after one Session that ranged from 50 to 90 minutes. The results reported were as follows:
    • 338 participants reported stress - 97.6% indicated a decrease in stress
    • 278 participants reported anxiety - 86.6% indicated a decrease in anxiety
    • 204 participants reported pain - 78.43% indicated a decrease in pain
    • 392 participants reported being less than extremely happy - 61.9% indicated an increase in happiness
The results before and after 1 session from electroencephalogram (EEG) Test.
The upcoming images have various colors in them. Here's a brief outline of their meaning:
-Green indicates 'normal' brain activity
-Red means the brain activity is 3 standard deviations above what's considered normal. In other words, the brain is very active
Before the session
There is a normal brain map taken before the session.

The red area that's lit up is the area identified as 'PZ'. It's showing that it's roughly 3 standard deviations above what would be considered normal. Notice how much red and orange is showing in this scan. Recall that red indicates that brain activity is '3 standard deviations above normal'. In other words, this brain is very active.

After the session
Here's what the E.E.G of their brain looked like after the session. That's quite a difference. Notice how much red has gone in the second set of images and movie above, replaced by plenty of green. This is a clear illustration that shows the brain has returned to a more 'normal' state.
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